Anita Rabinoff-Goldman

The graphic quality of 18th and 19th century American quilts created a new audience for the highly creative and beautifully crafted handwork of unknown women artists of those periods. A pivotal exhibit of American quilts at the Whitney Museum of Art in 1971 turned many visual artists to the medium. I was one of them.

Since then, the art quilt has gained deserved respect as a visual medium with its own unique appeal. Not content to recreate traditional patterns, I wanted to use the quilt to express aesthetic concerns such as image, line, and color.

Quilts are my canvas, fabrics my paint. While visual imagery may be transferable between media, the added tactile dimension of the quilt along with the emotional dimension that fabric adds to our lives, makes quilt making a more potent creative force for me. I take my emotional response to the exterior landscape - seasons, colors, energy - as well as my interior landscape - rooms, relationships, the imagination - and create imagery through the use of pattern, color and texture.

A native of New York City, I received a degree in Art and Art History from the University at Albany. After living and working in Albany for many years, I recently relocated to the Boston area. My work has appeared in numerous local and national shows and is represented in private collections.